Achilles FC

Achilles FC is a travel soccer club, founded in 2016 by former professional player Sal Caccavale, suited for players looking to play at the highest level possible. Our teams train 3 days a week and compete in the EDP League (Eastern Development Program) and/or National League, depending on each team’s level of play. Our teams also compete in nationally recognized tournaments throughout the year. Achilles FC is quickly becoming the most elite club to play at in the DMV area! The coaches at Achilles Football Club love teaching the game and our players love learning from them. Our coaches will stay with their players throughout the years. We do NOT change coaches each year, unlike other clubs in the area. This helps to build consistency in our program and teams. Consistency also happens to be a key ingredient in becoming a great player.

Achilles FC is for serious soccer players and serious soccer families. Our coaches understand that players develop over time and play to their fullest potential when soccer is taught properly and remains FUN. Fun for our players is getting better each day and learning to play the game in a very tough and competitive setting. Our players, just like our coaches, live to play the game.

We have arguably the best youth coaching staff in the country. All four of our coaches have started and played 4 full years of college soccer, and two have played professional soccer (Sal in the MLS, and Vin in Australia). All of us have lived it. We have been through the process, and we have seen the problems and issues with US soccer. Through seeing the failures, Sal has adopted his own style of coaching that is very different than other clubs in the area. Our teams will learn how to keep the ball effectively, create chances in the final third, and defend by applying pressure as a team. Our goal is to have our players prepared to play the game at the college and/or professional level.

As our players get older, we will begin to stress the importance of playing high school soccer. High School soccer is an experience that all soccer players and families should enjoy. Players can develop in a club setting and high school setting.  Leadership, learning to be a good friend/teammate, playing in front of your friends, etc. are all things that no student athlete should miss out on! Student athletes will benefit more in the long run by being promoted by club coaches and high school coaches and their teachers.

Our goal is to make this experience enjoyable for all players and their families. We want all of our players to love being a part of Achilles FC, love the sport of soccer, graduate high school, attend college, and graduate from college. We would truly love for all of our players to play division 1, 2, or 3 college soccer and/or professional soccer.


All players interested in joining an Achilles FC team can email Sal at [email protected] to attend a training session in their respective age group.